Between Vicki, Karen, the dogs, cats, chooks, rooster and pigs (no, the pigs don't come inside the house, they live in a paddock) the truth of what has been holding you back will be shown in a gentle and loving way, aided by short bursts of guided intuitive writing.

      (If you would like to write, Karen is a professional and intuitive writer and editor and will be happy to assist and encourage you!)

     Write it Out is offered as an intensive healing space for you, so each course has a maximum of four participants.

If you'd like to come with a friend or your partner, Write it Out provides a gentle space of transformation, whilst teaching you skills to continue your healing.

     The really crappy part about feeling off is that the reasons for it are likely buried deep in your subconscious, so no matter what you do, how many affirmations you chant or how 'grateful' you try and feel, nothing changes.

Intuitive Writing Therapy

This is not a writer's workshop - this is for you if you are feeling stuck, bogged down, or lacking the desire to fully embrace life. 

Write it Out...

Two Day Courses

Animal Communication (1 day)

How would the decisions you make for your animal companions be different if you could ask them two things:

  • What is causing the problem?

  • What does your animal want/need you to do for them?

Talking with animals - or more importantly, listening to them - is easy once you know how. 

Just like us, some animals are super sensitive to chemicals. Chemical based air fresheners can cause lots of problems and misery for your pets, as can washing powder. 

     Your dog might be 'acting up' because she hasn't been able to process  her heartache from being separated from her mother, or you might want to ask your pet who they want to live with if you are breaking up with your partner or spouse.

Two fun days that will change your life!

Maximum 6 participants for this 2 day adventure into the animal kingdom with our resident greyhounds and pigs. If you haven't already begun to play with your intuitive abilities, this is a great place to start.

Psychosomatic Therapy Cert. III (6 day courses)

Complete as a Certificate III Practitioner Qualification, or just for the phenomenal personal growth you'll experience.

Psychosomatic Therapy is the game-changer. Are you ready to discover the absolute truth of who you are?

     This training is where you learn how everything you think and feel affects and is expressed by the physical body. Even better - you learn how to release past trauma as you go! As the training progresses, you'll experience just how sneaky trauma is. Much of the past trauma that effects your behaviours you probably aren't even aware of, and some of it you likely inherited in your DNA from your parents, their parents, and so on.

     Level 1 (six days training) teaches you Face, Hand, Feet and Body Reading. This is the beginning of learning to meet the soul of another being, as you read and sense what is behind the facade. 

     If you're looking for a practitioner qualification, you'll need to also complete Level 2 (six days) and complete the requirements for qualification.