Soul Embodiment Method

One Day Training

Sat 15th January, 9:15 am – 5.30 pm

Dodges Ferry, Tas.


Soul Embodiment Method (incorporating Psychosomatic Therapy)  is the game-changer. Are you ready to discover the absolute truth of who you are?


This training is where you learn how what you think, feel and express affects the physical body. Even better - you learn how to release past trauma as you go! As the training progresses, you'll experience just how sneaky trauma is - and we’re not talking the big stuff. Trauma comes in many forms. Just being born can be traumatic. You probably aren't even aware of much of the past trauma that effects your behaviours. Some of it you likely inherited in your DNA from your parents, their parents, and so on.

Join us for your first 1-day training of Soul Embodiment Method.

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In Tasmania we can again take advantage of Face-Face training. Throughout the Pandemic we have been training online, but feel now is the time to meet you in person. Karen and I are Master Body-Mind Teachers with a combined 40 years of experience. This is what we can bring to you whilst the world is healing.

Now, more than ever, we are all being asked to go within and access our innate wisdom.




Soul Embodiment Method (SEM)

SEM is the culmination of years of experience with many modalities. It is the pathway to your wisdom and understanding of how to be fully embodied and present in any moment, whilst learning how to listen to your own intuitive guidance.

SEM is a process of Alignment, Growth and Empowerment. When all the layers of your body, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical form are in alignment you get to live your best life, understanding your true abilities, skills, and talents - the gifts you bring to planet earth.

Soul Embodiment Method is grounded, giving you down to earth techniques and ways of being that you can use every day of your life. We will teach you how to maintain your balance and boundaries for the highest good of all in a nourishing and sustainable way. This first day of training will impart the foundations of the work.

Focus – When we are focused and in alignment, we can access our higher intuitive self easily. Firstly, we must discover where you are right now and help you adjust to allow the full flow or your whole being.

Balance - Within each of us is our divine masculine and feminine. We assist you to create and maintain this balance through awareness and releasing unhealthy behaviours.

Structure – As with any telecommunications, the receiving device or tower must be structurally aligned to receive clear transmission. Most people’s structure is out of alignment. Postural restructuring is an intuitive game changer, simple and effective. Intuitive Knowing is an embodied experience, not just a spiritual one.

The Psychosomatics of Your Body – The Magic of Body-Mind Communication - How your body communicates and how to understand its language and messages. Your energic systems and personal numerology and how they show up in your physical and emotional body.

SEM combines science, spirituality, pragmatic and metaphysical understanding, creating transformation that sticks.


We SEE You - Even when you don't, we see your truth, your strength, your divine potential.


We will TEACH You how To Be Free - We have the expertise to help you deconstruct the beliefs that have contained you.


We are WITH You – We stand with you and guide you as you birth your true mastery.

You will gain:

  • Learn why you are the shape you are and how understanding body and face shape helps you communicate.

  • Insight into your intuitive/psychic skill set recorded in your body and how to access them quickly through your body.

  • How to muscle test and use the barometer of the body to find answers and clear and remove blockages.

  • Embodied everyday presence techniques & tools.

  • Heal parental, ancestry lineage unhealthful programs.


We will take you beyond the limitations of your mind and old habits as we work with you to identify residual trauma (often not your own, but ancestral - locked in the epigenetics of your DNA). All while teaching you to embrace and learn from what is present in you now, releasing what's not required from your physical and energetic body whilst rewiring the neural pathways. The more you are able to clear your old emotional baggage, the more energy you will have for the things that make you feel good and make life amazing for you as you learn to become your true intuitive being. Once you unlock your full potential others will naturally follow your lead.

Our world is in desperate need of powerful role models, those who have the courage to live and speak their truth.


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This day of training counts towards the full Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy


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Looking forward to our fun day together – Vicki Delpero& Karen Collyer