Psychosomatic Therapy

Get ready to deconstruct emotional blocks and old beliefs. Discover the merging of science and spirituality to construct a whole new life. Deep dive into the intuitive wisdom and knowledge within you. We teach you with every session. Learn skills, techniques and practices to create the juicy fulfilled life you want. 

    • Everything about you is unique - your personality, energy, skills, physical body and quirks all tell the story of who you are and why you are here.

    • Learn to access the innate wisdom and language of your body with Soul Embodiment and Psychosomatic Psychology. 

    • Decode and unlock the keys within your Bio-Field and DNA Fast and simply, I mean Really Fast!!

    • To those who can read it, your body is a landscape rich in information, the storybook of the life you have lead so far. Your beautiful face provides your autobiography.

    • How to go from being shy or afraid of putting yourself “out there,” to being able to feel your fear, and not have it stop you anymore!

    • How to use the tone of your voice so people trust you, want to support you, and want to do business with you.
      • How to feel more confident with receiving positive attention.
      • How to set clear boundaries that will protect you from those who drain your energy

What makes us different is that we teach you with every appointment. We also offer a range of training courses – from one day to twelve, designed for personal development or Practitioner Training Certification.

Philosophy – What is Soul Embodiment?
Soul Embodiment (SET)is a unique, incredibly FAST and EFFECTIVE technique created to set you free from constraints, emotionally and physically. So that you can be fully present without emotional reaction in any situation. SET works with your body, mind, soul and energetic matrix together to achieve lasting, long-term results. You will learn a new way of being that helps you to thrive in any situation. This is incredibly Simple and Fast! Really Fast! Experience it for your self - Book a private session in person or via Zoom.

Emotional Anatomy

What do emotions have to do with your Health & Happiness?

Emotions affect our ability to digest life. Have you ever had;

    • a disagreement with another person and felt sick in the gut, or a headache coming on. 

    • heartache or sadness and lost the desire to eat?

The Body has a tendency to hold Emotion and trauma from past experiences. Quite often carried down the family lineage through epigentics and DNA. The chances are its not even yours. These emotional responses become ‘stuck’ resulting in a lack of flow to the associated area causing pain and inflammation. If we can discover what these emotions are and how they came to be, we can release them. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), different emotions affect the body in different ways.

    • Anger, resentment, depression affect us physically as well as emotionally. This could be a bad day at work, an argument with your spouse, or feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, life circumstances. Often these emotions get stored in the Gut organs.

    • Financial worry often shows up as lower back pain as we feel a lack of support in our life

    • Recurring issues may be cellular memory from our ancestors that was never resolved. Research now points to emotional trauma patterns can still show up 3 generations later.

If you’re in a weakened state due to factors such as stress or physical trauma, everyday emotional responses may not fully resolve as they naturally should. Later in our lives, when we experience a similar situation, an old emotional response can kick in. Individually, we rarely see the link between a past event and our present situation.

     SET can help identify old unresolved emotional charges and help your body release them creating balance and harmony. Its a bit like bursting a bubble. Once its gone its gone. We discover the root cause, delete and reprogram the cellular memory very quickly. It’s fast, it's fun and it can dramatically improve your health.