Easter Sunday - Gone to the Dogs!

Well here goes nothing my first on-line blog. It’s the most magnificent Autumn Easter Sunday. Not that I am partial to the idea of religious festivals, but I did have a reaction to the allowing of a football game yesterday on Good Friday. It’s not that I am particularly interested in the Christian belief but I do have a charge on the sacredness of the day.

Regardless of the religious connotations I believe that a day of complete and absolute rest is not a bad thing. Once everything was closed on Good Friday. A day of total reflection, to go within and sit still. I wonder how many can truly do that anymore.

I am incredibly blessed to be sitting here in the absolute peace and quiet in the sun, my pooch lying alongside my legs reminding me of how blissful peace is. I live in a mostly quiet space, the occasional car can be heard in the distance and if you listen well you can hear the waves on the beach about a mile away. I am still in awe of how I manifested this space. I truly have come home. I mean check out Lucy greyhound, how can you take life seriously when you have her spread eagle next to you. Now that is complete and absolute trust.

Stacey Greyhound

These gorgeous creatures who came to us via playing with a ouija board. My partner and I love to play with this medium. Simply experimenting to see what happens. One night a message from Lulu came through that we were to go to Brightside Sanctuary and get a greyhound. So being the diligent beings we are off we went to check out the idea of a greyhound. As we came through the gate who should come running up the hill to greet us but a beautiful white greyhound. It was like she knew us yet we had not met. Her name it turned out was Lulu. Coincidence or alignment - you decide. We loved Lulu but as she was not for adoption. However, she led us to the beautiful Stacey. I at first was not too sure about the idea of a greyhound as a pet. Growing up I had often seen them being walked in groups of 3-5 with

Lucy Greyhound

From the moment this beautiful black and white greyhound walked up to us and leant on our legs we felt her connection. She was a little thin and weathered but something amazing shone from those eyes. During the adoption process she told Karen her name, ‘Stacey’. Definitely not a name I would have ever thought of for a greyhound. More intuitive connection. Karen is the animal whisperer in our house, I have a great intuitive connect but Karen has the mastery. So Stacey came to live with us.

I drove home whilst Karen sat in the back of the car with her, getting to know her and help her to stay calm. I was still unsure about the whole concept of this large dog. I had already found a cute staffy cross who had already given us a run for our money but that's another story.

So home we arrive and bring Stacey into the house. OMG she can reach the top of the bench tops, so tall I had no idea. It was a bit of a shock to start with. Such a gentle creature yet so large. Nothing was sacred or safe on our benches again. Rosie the staffy loved her straight away, even though she only reached up to the tops of Stacey’s legs. They are a funny combination.

To check out more Stacey greyhound stories go to Karen's logs www.wellnessforanimals.com.au.

What these amazing gorgeous beautiful creatures have brought for me is deep unconditional trust and love. I grew up with animals as pets but without much knowledge of their true connection to us as humans. These dogs have taught me so much. Animals were not a priority once I left home at 18 and became focused on my career and family. A cat was all that my children were allowed to have growing up and I am saddened by that fact. They missed out on something very special. I am however incredibly happy to be able to give them the opportunity now to share our world of animal pets. Especially Duncan and Gracie the pet pigs. I could not have considered nor imagined two

years ago that I would be sharing my life with these beautiful loving sentient beings and that they would become a large part of our human trainings. That is another story.......

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