Intuition – Your Guiding Light

What is your intuition, your inner tutor, telling you about what’s happening right now?

Is it possible that it’s something bigger, larger than all of us?

Traditionally, Medical Science has looked logically at health through anatomy and physiology, and yet science is struggling right now, being forced to look outside the square. Scientists are beginning to look at esoteric ways to find the answer, discovering what consciousness can do through many research projects undertaken over the past 20 years. The new Millennials on the planet are asking different questions to those of the generations before, looking at the bigger picture, the sustainability of this planet, and what’s in it for them in the long term.

Many eons ago, science and esoteric thinking worked in tandem. Now as we move into the Aquarian Age of the 3rd Millennium, a new way of thinking and advanced technology is seeing the light. Community is being called to work together again. This is 2020 - the year of Enlightened Duality.

The light is being shone stronger than ever on the shadows. The deep, dark recesses and toxic ways are finally seeing the light. In some ways it is organised chaos. It’s like throwing a dirty load of washing in the tub, where it will be jostled and thrown around with a cleaning agent, in this case light, resulting in beautifully clean laundry.

When you call on something bigger than yourself, you are calling on something not outside of you at all, but within you.

How do you know if it’s working? You feel it! That gut feeling, butterflies, tingles and chills, some may even feel the universal hug that all is well, the gentle sense of calmness and peace.

Intuition is real, and when it calls you can do nothing but follow.

I heard the call 32 years ago when I chose a homebirth for my second son. Nothing would persuade me otherwise. To make that choice, I needed to step outside the norm and ask many questions of society and myself. The answers were not always clear, and certainly often not logical. Yet there was something bigger calling that I could not ignore. Everything within me told me this was the right path and that all would be well. From his birth onwards, it was only when I didn’t listen that the challenges were greater. But that was also perfect, as I was not ready to take that next step on the path, I needed to stay however long to learn whatever was required at that time.

Lightworkers, this is our time be Enlightened. This is bigger than all of us, yet completely of us. We are all being called to be the lighthouse, to project light into the shadows so others may see their way.

A lighthouse shines light over the chaotic sea so a ship may find its way through the darkness. The lighthouse does not project doctrine, ideas, or beliefs, it shines so others my use their own skill set. As a Lightworker, you get to project this all around the world. Shine your light and project it wherever you go. I love to play a game that wherever I am, I am dropping light beams so that others may feel their frequency. I love it when someone turns and says hello, thinking they must know me. All they have felt is an uplift in vibration.

We are being called to stillness now, to calm the chatter and finally understand some peace within. Every year thousands seek this in retreats and refuges, now you get to do it every day. Now you get to listen to your intuition and share it through your light with everyone around you.

The earth is calling, and has asked for a conscious collective of stillness and joy. To do this, we must find stillness within ourselves. Through the fear and the uncertainty, the new millennium is birthing.

As a Cosmic Midwife I see this as the Transition time of birth, the chaos between first stage and second stage, when the body clears out everything in the way to facilitate the birthing of new life.

Over the past 30 years I have heard many a Sage predict this time. Yes, it is scary, change and uncertainty often are. This is the new millennium.It was always predicted that we would do things as we have never done them before, that what has worked up until now will not be as effective. What is arriving now is new intuitive crafts, new ways to heal and be in the world. You are beginning to feel the full force of who you are and discover the power you have within.

Our work is based in helping you find your intuitive skills. Not someone else’s tools or healing technique, but the ones that work for you. Over the past ten years of listening and being completely open, we have discovered amazing ways to help you discover your ability to heal your trauma and pain. As we have learnt to trust our intuition and help others do the same, we have been blessed to witness amazing transformations. This is why we do not teach you a process, but a way of being, so that you may awaken and open to whatever skills will come through you.

Accessing and listening to your intuitive knowing lifts the consciousness of the whole. Consciousness is way bigger than the knowing of self. It’s the whole universal consciousness, the planet, the earth, the understanding that everything exists and is alive. There are many levels, and everyone will flow at the level they are transiting through right now. It is not up to anyone to try to make another jump the consciousness ladder. Many will have their own definition and understanding of consciousness. Just know that global consciousness is lifting right now, and science is now proving this reality on our planet.

As you project light into the darkness, consciousness is uplifted naturally. Self-awareness is the outfall. There are many levels to consciousness, and everyone is exactly where they are meant to be. Each will choose what level they are at by their need for that experience in that moment.

The world has come to a standstill with mass consciousness and awareness in the mix. The light is shining into the cesspool and the cleansing can begin. Use your light now to soothe the fear on the planet. Do your best not to judge those in a different consciousness, it is just another step on the path. Simply shine your torch on the stepping-stone and offer them the opportunity to step forward. Let them have their journey.

Walk your path with truth and compassion. Be the Truth and the Light.

Spirit knows that love is custom-made for you. It is not a generic love, but totally specific to you as a unique individual. When we awaken to this there is a deep inner transformation, a stirring, often with a physical and mental reaction that we may not like. However, if you can sit with this new vibration, befriend it at a cellular level, you may just discover a deep orgasmic expansion that cannot be explained in a logical or linear way, only felt. When we allow it, we are giving permission for transformation to take place.

Those enlightened lighthouses will witness this with support, knowing this transformation is perfect just as birth is perfect. This is the Midwife in me. The best midwives in the world support, shine light from their being and trust in the process, allowing the process in its own time and grace.

Be careful, healers of the world, that you do not jump in and choose intervention when it is not required. The Lightworker must trust in themselves, and the process too.

Understand the outcome is already in the field of possibilities. The fear will end, and this too will pass. See smiles, see life differently, awakened with awareness and consciousness. Perhaps this will be the most powerful transformation we will see in our life time? What a time to be alive!

As people become isolated, forced to go within, to become creative, there will be a change from the search outside to the search within. Maybe people will naturally begin to trust in ways they have not done before. New information and a new way of thinking.

I invite you to become the Ultimate Observer, the lighthouse. Shed light so others may find their own path. The light from the lighthouse does not shine with doctrine or belief systems, it holds the light so that any ship may find their way through the chaos of the reef. It does not tell them how or give them specific tools, rather it invites them to be guided by the light and use the skills they already have on board.

This is the test of your peace and stillness, a test of how peaceful you can be when others around you are choosing fear.

Can you hold your own when others around you are not?

If you can, they will turn to you for solace and calm, just as the ship will look to the lighthouse to see the direction. That’s what love and enlightenment is all about. Try not to judge those who are in shadow, shine your light just as the lighthouse shines.

Our joy, our wish, is to help guide you on your soul’s journey, to light the path and inspire you to find the gold within, your intuitive wisdom and knowing that has the spotlight shining on it right now!

Yours in Light,