Hearth and Home

Our kitchen renovation has me musing about the correlation between our own personal renovating journeys, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth and development throughout life, and how we continually upgrade our body home.

At times in life we begin to feel restless, something doesn’t feel right. There may be a sense that life just isn’t working for us anymore as we begin to question the people and circumstances surrounding us, searching for the core of the issue. How can I bring change into my life? What needs changing? What’s required? Is it even possible?

“I just want change!” is one of the first things many clients say on our first meeting, often not even sure what ‘change’ they want, they just know something must give. Thus, we begin the exploration and research, just as with the beginning of our kitchen renovation.

Ten months ago, we moved to our new property. At first, we liked the kitchen and its quaintness, or at least the idea of it and the pistachio green cupboards. What we really loved was the bones - the large windows overlooking the garden and bush and water views, the extensive sunshine and light. Not unlike our own soul blueprint, structure, and form.

We are born with the bones of our design, the original blueprint and structure. I believe we create this to support our human experience. This cannot be changed, not without major cosmetic surgery. However, we can change the soft structure, the emotional body and tissue.

Over time, we also create layers of renovations upon our own embodied house, good or bad. Emotional baggage collected and layered over time, resulting from our response to different levels of sensitivity, reaction and trauma. Generally, these renovations are not permanent, but can have an impact on the everyday function of our body. With the right attention to the tension, healing and alignment can occur. When we’ve had enough of the discomfort and reach the tipping point of exasperation, declaring, “I’ve had enough! I want change!” that moment of pure, honest declaration, the universe replies, “Your wish is my command.” The desire has resonated with enough vibration to be heard across space and time. Then the answers begin to fall at our feet.

We had the desire, the feeling, the emotion and the sense of the perceived experience was all that was required. Each time we used the kitchen we imagined what it could feel like, what the experience could be. That word potential appeared. This is the desire space, dropping into the power centre (the Womb/Dante space) located deep in the centre of the pelvis, the heart of the sacral chakra (creative centre). It is here we feel desire, that deep gut feeling, that knowing intuition. It is not just a want, it’s a deep calling, desire.

Neither of us had a clue how it was going to happen, we just knew somehow it would. By not getting tied up with the how and the when, the universe was left to do what it does best - create. Once we were totally committed to the upgrade to the heart and soul of our home, the kitchen, the process took over.

A chance conversation with my son found the right builder. A mate, who had been a long-term worker for a well-known building firm, was going into business on his own and was ready to start taking customers. As he had done previous work for all the family, we were familiar with the quality, and so it began, with just a phone call.

Had I focused on the how and when, the planning and the detail, I’d have gotten lost in the “OMG! What do I do Next?!” and possibly given up as it seemed too hard. Instead, I chose to follow my intuition. Whilst my busy mind brought in fears and ‘yes buts,’ I breathed and patiently allowed the next step to show up. Each step has simply flowed into the next. Even when I decided to get another couple of quotes, they seemed to just fizzle away, again I was being directed to follow the path already shown.

It is the same for us with each transformation, healing, shift in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual growth, however you want to see it. Often it simply shows up. The desire, the statement is made, and you land on the doorstep of the next guide for your journey.

Recently, new clients have arrived with similar stories. One stated very clearly, “I need change. I am so tired of my life right now!” She decided to Google. At first not sure what she was looking for, except that someone had mentioned Tapping, so she began her search with that. Nothing jumped until she happened to pause on our website link. Unconsciously or consciously, she decided to take the leap and make the appointment.

Another made a similar statement, “There has to be More?” and with that ran into a mutual friend who recommended she come do some training with us. She didn’t take up the offer immediately, then a week or two later whilst driving, asked herself “where to next?” and asked for a sign. Looking up, she saw my surname on a wall. The 'Ah ha!' happened, an appointment was made and the journey began.

As with any shift or change, a clearing out and sorting of the old is required to allow for the new. As with the renovation, all the old is removed. Decisions are made about what’s worth keeping or recycling and what is discarded, no longer of any use. Our body is the same. We must clear out the hard drive, defrag and clean out unwanted old files to make room for more storage space so the system can work efficiently. Here is the potential for fear.

What if I don’t like the new me?

What if others don’t like the new me?

What if it doesn’t work? How will I know if it works?

What if I miss the old stuff?

The endless unanswerable questions.

Potential is the definition of trust. Just as we now have a completely gutted kitchen, bones laid bare, we must trust that we will like what comes next, and that it works for us. Stay tuned.

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