The Age of Aquarius

Why is everyone so excited this December?

Because the Age of Aquarius is finally on our doorstep after the 2000 years of religious conflict from the age of Pisces. Yippee! It births on December 21.

However, before this we also have two eclipses, two weeks apart - the Full Moon in Gemini last week and the New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14.

Take a deep breath, as eclipses bring the unconscious elements to the surface, those facets of ourselves we have buried or that lay dormant, eclipsed from our consciousness.

Then there’s the moon’s input. The moon’s nodes change sign every eighteen months. It is now moving out of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses (which have focused on the self) into Gemini/north node (communication and seeing different perspectives) and Sagittarius/south node (awakening the mind to the broader perspectives) under the powerful energy of Aquarius. This will bring the humanitarian focus, civil rights, unity, equality and the conscious expansion we have all been searching for. This eclipse lands on a numerology five day, leading into next year’s Global 5 year (2021/5), a time of renewed energy, joy and expansion. If you’re in a personal five year, you can look forward to an amazing 2021.

The heavy hand of Saturn moves into Aquarius on December 17, bringing spiritual discipline, business acumen, power, boundaries and restrictions - the beginning of the slow build to the new world. Have faith, for the world we dream of is coming.

December 19 sees Jupiter also move into Aquarius, bringing expansion, innovation and new freedom. The Second Chakra will be activated with the five, bringing Freedom and Discipline. Saturn and Jupiter (Freedom and Discipline) are known as the social planets. Every twenty years they meet up, bringing social change.

This leads us to the great conjunction on the solstice - December 21.

We hit the Restart button - new beginnings, with both meeting at zero degrees. Zero point is the ultimate point of total potential. The Seed has been planted and will burst forth into new life, for this meeting is taking place in an air sign for the first time in 200 years. We will move out of the earth signs that have brought material focus and into the Air signs - bringing innovation and renewable energy. These are exciting times - an elemental shift in consciousness and communication.

Now is the time to harness the energy – figure out what you want to manifest in the year ahead. We are changing at a deep core and releasing the deep wounds. We are observing this world-wide as the unseen is now becoming seen and the wounds are being licked and healed. Stay strong with faith.

Work on your own inner world through this transition. Turn inward and take stock.

1. Look at your own personal lessons. What awareness do you have? What have your discovered? Talk to yourself, write or blog. Simply start, and write everything that comes through you, even if it feels like total rubbish. It may take a couple of pages, but it will start to make sense.

2. Feng Shui. Make space, cleanse inwards and outwards. Who, or what, haven’t you reconciled or forgiven? Bring to the surface what’s been eclipsed, hidden, popped away for a rainy day in your subconscious and in your environment. Do not take the old into the new. Make space for the new by cleaning out what is still stored. Let them/it go or be.

3. Tune into what is the most important for you. What is it your desire beyond everything and everyone? What is your Mission statement for your soul?

There will be many twists and turns next year and lots of drama is predicted, so stay centred and home in your place of peace - your womb space (dante for men) and power centre. Do not get caught in the hype, the scandals and the external drama - it is but a distraction.

Much love,


Intuitive life coach & Soul Embodiment Mentor

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