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Soul Embodiment Technique

Soul Embodiment Technique (SET) is a dynamic yet simple technique that works to discover and neutralise blockages in your energy system.

How Does Soul Embodiment Technique Work?

A unique and incredibly effective combination of muscle testing, intuitive technique and a complex framework from which blockages in the physical, energetic and emotional body can be identified and worked with.

There are many ingredients in day to day life that may be causing you irritation on levels you are not consciously aware of. For example, you may be feeling unusually irritable since you bought the new bed a while back. It makes no sense to you because the bed is so very comfortable.

But, there may be something in the makeup of the bed that is causing you irritation on an energetic, physical or emotional level. Soul Embodiment Technique works to uncover the source of your irritation, discomfort or disfunction, on any level, and help you become harmonised to the source.

A lot less expensive and a lot less hassle than buying another new bed!

Soul Embodiment Technique works below the conscious level, helping you to feel more at peace and in harmony with yourself and your environment.