Most Courses are currently online due to Covid-19.

Psychosomatic Therapy Cert. III 

Complete as a Certificate III Practitioner Qualification, or just for the phenomenal personal growth you'll experience.

Psychosomatic Therapy is the game-changer. Are you ready to discover the absolute truth of who you are?

     This training is where you learn how everything you think and feel affects and is expressed by the physical body. Even better - you learn how to release past trauma as you go! As the training progresses, you'll experience just how sneaky trauma is. Much of the past trauma that effects your behaviours you probably aren't even aware of, and some of it you likely inherited in your DNA from your parents, their parents, and so on.

     Level 1 (six days training) teaches you Face, Hand, Feet and Body Reading. This is the beginning of learning to meet the soul of another being, as you read and sense what is behind the facade.

     The first three days of Level 1 are now available online via Zoom. 

     If you're looking for a practitioner qualification, you'll need to also complete Level 2 (six days) and complete the requirements for qualification. 

Course Outline

Begin your Psychosomatic Therapy Certification Journey online - sign up for just one unit - or three!

Certification continues with Level 2, The Body - three units undertaken in person during a week-long intensive. Dates for Level 2 at our homestyle retreat space in Southern Tasmania will be announced once the state borders are open.


Enrol now: Start Late July

Unit 1 - Psychosomatic Principles & Introduction

9 hours online over two sessions (Investment - $650.

Unit 2 - The Art of Face Reading

9 hours online over two sessions, followed by self-paced learning and practical experience (Investment - $650).

Unit 3 - The Language of the Hands

9 hours online over two sessions, followed by self-paced learning and practical experience (Investment - $650).

Save up to $390 - Enrol for two units to receive a 10% discount, or enrol for all three units to receive 20% discount.

What will you Gain?

  • A deeper understanding of your true design, body type, emotional expression and communication style.

  • Embodied Numerology and how that impacts your life experiences and personality.

  • Discover, delete and defrag old programs stored in your physical body, DNA/Epigenetics and heal Ancestral Trauma.

  • Deep dive into your Intuitive Wisdom and skill set. Learn to access your Innate Body Wisdom.

  • Upgrade your relationships as you learn how to read the other person, understanding their communication style and body language.

We will take you beyond the limitations of your mind and old habits as we work with you to identify residual trauma (often not your own, but ancestral - locked in the epigenetics of your DNA).

     All while teaching you to embrace and learn from what is present in you now, releasing what's not required from your physical and energetic body whilst rewiring the neural pathways as you go.

     The more you are able to clear your old emotional baggage, the more energy you will have for the things that make you feel good and make life amazing for you as you learn to become your true intuitive being. Once you unlock your full potential others will naturally follow your lead.

Our world is in desperate need of powerful role models, those who have the courage to live and speak their truth.

Is this You?

Learn to Love Life - with guidance from nature and the animals.

It's a great concept - that there is more to life than just surviving, getting through the days.


You, no matter how challenged, depleted or unsure you currently feel, can thrive!

Sounds great - but how do you do that? And why hasn't anything you've already tried been the magic pill that makes everything wonderful?

     Partly, because the majority of your everyday reactions to life, other people and situations, stem from old programs, traumas and experiences (yours and your ancestors) even though you are most likely not consciously aware.

     To complicate matters, the emotions you haven't wanted to feel through life, the traumas and pain you haven't known how to truly feel and let go of, are stored in your physical body.

You Create Your Own Reality - Create the Life You Want to Live!

Come to Soul Embodiment for a session (in person at Tasmania, Australia, or via Zoom), or stay a while and attend a course in our homestyle retreat.

     Come for a weekend designed just for you, or join us for a six-day Psychosomatic Therapy training that can lead to a Certificate III qualification if you desire.

     We will take you beyond the limitations of your mind and old habits as we work with you to identify the trauma, embrace it, and release it from your physical body and energetic body, rewiring the neural pathways as you go.

     The more you are able to clear your old emotional baggage, the more energy you will have for the things that make you feel good and make life amazing for you as you learn to become your own therapist.

Introducing the Team

Vicki Delpero

A Master Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy, Vicki's will help you recognise your blocks and traumas that hold you back, and teach you how to release them.

     Vicki has a long list of qualifications, but it's her intuition and passion to help you live your best life, fully embodied, that fires her passion.

Karen Collyer

A powerful intuitive, Karen feels the discomfort in your body and is guided to the technique required in any moment to bring the emotional pain behind the physical to the surface.

     Karen is an animal communicator, and translates the wisdom of the animals for your healing benefit.

Stacey Greyhound

What's stopping you from allowing fun into your life?
     If you're stuck in the drudgery of life, Stacey Greyhound will guide you in her unique, loving way to smile, even when you really want to frown.

Rosie Dog

This little darling senses your anger, no matter how well you try and hide it. 

     Rosie will sit with you, love you, and help you bring the experiences behind your anger to the surface gently, so we can help you clear them.

Lucy Greyhound

You can't hide your true sadness from Lucy Greyhound. Whatever it is that's haunting you, Lucy will let us know so we can help you. 
Everyone experiences sadness in life, but when it's overwhelming and doesn't seem to end, it might be time to ask for help.

Buddy Greyhound

Of course animals can be clairvoyant! Don't believe us - come and meet Buddy Greyhound then.

     Buddy can speak just one sentence and nail the issue you're struggling with in a flash!
     With his big heart, Buddy loves to serve in gentleness and humour.

Gracie Pig

Gracie is gracious, but she also has a stubborn streak! Gracie encourages loving kindness, with a strength that might surprise you! 
Gracie works with Karen and Duncan Pig, together they call themselves The Badass Oracle.

The trio regularly offer "Pay What You Can" intuitive healng and guidance.

Duncan Pig

Meet the inspiration who drives The Badass Oracle! 

     Duncan is passionate about helping people to see that animals feel deep emotions, just like you do, and encouraging you to eat a plant-based diet.

     Duncan is a phenomenal communicator!

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Vicki Talks about Soul Embodiment Psychosomatic Therapy Training.


Even when you don't, I see your truth, your strength, your divine potential.

I will TEACH You To Be Free.

I have the expertise to help you deconstruct the beliefs that have contained you.

I am WITH You

I stand with you and guide you through your labour as you birth your true mastery.

Everyone has unconscious beliefs, memories and traumas that create issues - physically (issues in the tissues), emotionally and energetically. You might feel starved of life force, confused, anxious, lacking direction, depressed or overwhelmed.


Our mission is to help you bring the unconscious aspects of self - beliefs, behaviours and memories you are not consciously aware of - to the surface so they can be seen, heard and healed. We do this in a gentle way, using a combination of practices.


As you clear the subconscious issues, you create more space for inner peace and harmony.

Soul Embodiment Therapy is a combination of the many therapies we have trained in over the years, including:

  • NES Wellness System

  • Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Emotional Anatomy

  • Art of Feminine Presence

  • Reiki, EFT, NET

  • Reflexology

  • Kahuna Massage

  • Body Talk

  • Theta

  • Journey Work

  • Past Life Therapy

  • Animal Communication

  • The Liquid Crystals

  • Aromatherapy

  • Aura-Soma

  • Vibrational and Sound Therapy.

Vicki Delpero and Karen Collyer, Soul Embodiment Mentors

Fast, Effective and Life Changing!

Hi Vicki, you may remember you did a body reading on my friend. He was amazed by what you told him. He was in a bit of a rut and not too sure about the direction of his life. Well I have to tell you - what a changed man he is now! He is out living his life and loving it!

Great work, love what you do! 

Susan Dibbs, Australia



Learn incredibly SIMPLE Techniques to reconstruct and activate health, vitality and purpose:

  • acknowledge what your story has been, then leave it behind as you birth your true story, the story you wish to live from now on

  • attract and ignite the spark that creates juicy, sensuous relationships you truly desire, the financial abundance and career you want, and the pure joy of living your life on purpose with passion!

How do I Help You do That?

During 30 years as a midwife, transformational therapist and trainer I have held space for people from all walks of life and helped them remove constraints during what can be the most exciting and most challenging time of their lives - birthing new life.

This gathering of knowledge and skill has given me the expertise to create a fast and effective process to teach you and stand with you now as you birth into your True Mastery.

Vicki has the power to see through people. It is with this laser vision that she is able to witness the depth of truth buried deep within an individual that they still can't see themselves.

Quick to point out the positive and just as quick to point out personal growth parts which need to be extracted.

She is a missionary of truth for growth within the human. It is with her passion for people that she seems never to work a day in her life.

It is her pleasure to be of service for the betterment of the human race.

 Tamara, Australia



What is Soul Embodiment?

Soul Embodiment is a unique, incredibly FAST and EFFECTIVE  technique to set you free from constraints, emotionally and physically.

     Because Soul Embodiment works with your body, mind, soul and energetic matrix together, results are fast, profound and long lasting. You will learn a new way of being that will help you thrive in any situation.

How Does it Work?

Get ready to deconstruct old beliefs and discover the merging of science and spirituality to construct a whole new life.  Deep dive into the intuitive wisdom and knowledge within you.

  • Everything about you is unique - your personality, energy, skills, your physical body and quirks all tell the story of who you are and why you are here.

  • Learn to access the innate wisdom and language of your body with Soul Embodiment and Psychosomatic Psychology. 

  • Decode and unlock the keys held within the liquid matrix of your Bio-Field and DNA. During this life changing course, we will teach you fast and simply, I mean Really Fast!!

  • To those who can read it, your body is a landscape rich in information, the storybook of the life you have lead so far. Your beautiful face provides your autobiography.

Vicki and Karen, thank you so much for the zoom healing session last week!

     I wasn’t sure what to expect over zoom compared with in-person healings with you, but the dynamic duo and the supportive hounds have no barriers! The healing was just as good across the other side of Oz as it is when I’m at your place.

     Days later I still feel freer and it was so good to connect with you both and be reminded of getting back to basics, the here and now, and day-to-day reality.

This is where life is. Thank you ❤️❤️

Kate, Australia

This is NOT a Talk Fest - It is Gentle, Fast and Life Changing

I will guide you, hold space for you and encourage you in a safe, nurturing environment as you release the layers that have bound you, discovering and learning to love all of you.


I had some of the most soulful energetic shifts through our sessions together with regard to my childhood stories. I'm feeling that I'm once again exactly where I need to be at this moment in my journey with the amazing soul sisters like yourself helping me find my way back to my true self and power. I've been consciously practising our techniques from the class. Something is feeling 'unknown' within me.
With thanks, love and appreciation ... Annie

Annie, Australia

You Want it All - fast and effective? Join our next Course.

 CLICK HERE for Course Dates (further dates available on request).

Dive in - First 2 Days!

Discovery Day

This first day of training introduces you to the concepts of Psychosomatic Therapy and guides you to begin your discovery of:

·        who you really are

·        why you behave the way you do

·        why you react the way you do 

and provide you with tools for change.

Emotional Anatomy of The Face

Face reading is a doorway to self discovery, improving relationships and understanding the true nature of yourself and others. Learn to  Read Faces so you can understand the kind of person another is fast, even a complete stranger!

Enjoy the true connection of another soul recognising that you truly see them.  

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Deep Dive - 4 Days!

Body Awareness

Learn to read and understand how every part of your physical body provides clues to your life experiences, who you are and the emotional baggage you carry with you.

Imbalance between body, mind and soul can create conflict and pain.

When appropriate attention is given to these imbalances the emotional pain is released, creating new behaviour, improved health and corrected posture, including spinal alignment.

Feet and a Deeper Look at Body Awareness

What you are learning here is Emotional Body Language.

Improve your personal relationships - learn to read and understand the difference between what is spoken and the truth that the body tells. Learning to read feet will tell you so much about a person, and confirm all you have learned reading the body.

Emotional Anatomy of The Hands

Every soul shows its uniqueness and identity through the hands. Your hands are an extension of your heart as you reach out, sense life and respond to it.  For example, 

  • Do you have long, sensitive intuitive fingers?

  • Are your hands square and practical?

  • How strong willed or flexible are you?

Learning to read hands you will develop a unique understanding of how you express yourself to the world and how to read and understand others in the same way. 

Soul Purpose Discovery

Dive in to self discovery and explore your Soul's Purpose with Soul Embodiment Attunement.

This day is all about YOU! This day you will clear blockages and give yourself permission to be the absolute genuine you.

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And Then.....
Continue Your Soul Embodiment Journey with 6 Days Level 2 Certification Training. 

Vicki has been my mentor, teacher and friend for 4 years now and the work I have done with her was instrumental in attracting the most amazing man into my life as well as improving the relationships around me with family and friends. 

This work has help to give me clarity with regards to what I want to do with my life and I would not be as truly happy as I am without these awesome tools. 

I strongly urge you to try for yourself. You wont regret it - I promise!

Monique, Australia