Maternity Reflexology

Creating a happy, healthy baby starts with a happy, healthy mother.

Pre-pregnant and pregnant women especially need to be nurtured, listened to and respected for their individuality.

Before and during pregnancy Reflexology provides a beautiful opportunity for you to stop, relax and be pampered and listened to. Regular massage of the feet also helps your body with detox and balancing of body functions.

Every woman is different and her concerns and fears are completely individual. All too often women find they are caught in an impersonal maternity system that does not address their unique needs.

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When beginning to work on someone’s feet I am completely open with them, giving them the trust and confidence they need to open up and discuss their fears or concerns. Women receiving regular reflexology tend to be healthier with far less intervention and a better ability to cope with social stress.

However most important is the effect that reflexology has on labour, with women reporting over and over again labour times of three to four hours without the need for drugs or interventions. Ongoing studies continue to reveal that reflexology can truly be of great benefit to all pregnant women regardless of age or social situation. Studies conducted in the UK regarding reflexology in maternity care gathered outstanding results. Women who received regular reflexology sessions throughout their pregnancy had shorter and more effective labours, less intervention and better birth outcomes.

Reflexology also gives insight as to when a woman is ready to birth. When it’s ‘All Systems Go’ the pituitary point on the big toe enlarges significantly, the base area under the inner ankle becomes warm, enlarged and sometimes reddened. The feet have a strong zingy energy.

Look up your nearest maternity reflexologist, and if you are in Hobart, Tasmania, book in and come and see me soon.