Write it Out...

Intuitive Writing Therapy

Join us for the first in a series of fun days and unique techniques designed to help you write - for fun, self-discovery, spiritual growth - you get the idea!
     You don't have to have a plan, or a book to write - this is about learning new ways to write out what hurts or holds you back.

 Come and play in person or via Zoom.

(*Note that we rescue animals and regard them as sentient beings, so no meat products are allowed in our home. Also, Karen is an animal whisperer, so the greyhounds will be working with us and helping you.)

      Between Vicki, Karen, the dogs, cats, chooks, rooster and pigs (no, the pigs don't come inside the house, they live in a paddock) the truth of what has been holding you back will be shown in a gentle and loving way, aided by short bursts of guided intuitive writing.


(If you would like to write, Karen is a professional and intuitive writer and editor and will be happy to assist and encourage you!)